Artist of the Month

Coat Of Many Colours

What I've Got In Mind

Blue Days

Cow Cow Boogie

Honey I'm Home

Loving Arms

Let Er Rip

Wrong Again

Let Me be There

I guess You Had to be There


Katrina Webster is a New Zealand Country singer from the Waikato, New Zealand Debuting her first Album New Beginnings in 2016. She's back with another great selection of personal favourites from her country reportage of songs. Back to the Country is her latest album and there's some great photos set around the farm.
4 years since the debut but well worth the wait. There are some special mentions and dedications for this Album and first being her Mum Connie who has always encouraged her through her singing and Coat of Many Colours as its the song she sung in her many years of singing country in the Great Dolly Parton. Cow Cow Boogie is another great track dedicated to a good friend in Country for many years. Last but not least Let Me Be There is dedicated to the beautiful Olivia Newton John who had a major influence in Katrinas singing growing up. Now facing the battle of her life once again and we hope that music will continue to be her life line. This album has a great variation of tracks to suit everyone.
Tracks include Honey I'm Home, Let Er Rip, What Ive Got In Mind, Bluedays, Guess You had to be there, Loving Arms, Wrong Again
Hope you enjoy